1. Manitoba

From the recording Green


I can feel the cold in my bones
I can feel a chill in the wind
We’ve all heard the news, it’s whispering
Around the town, the bars, the barns, the eves

Manitoba is burning
And the streets of the city are quiet today

We don’t got enough arenas or cots
Enough bread to break over the loss
We don’t got enough sense of humour to laugh at it again
The coincidence

And the whales are beaching on the shore
And people have been angry so long they don’t know why they’re angry anymore

And the voice that should consol us all is a voice that nobody can stand
We’ll fix it all by building homes on stilts when we run out of land
And we can’t call the shooter a terrifying man
If we’re going to build a wall, it better be a damn

And the nightingales, we’ve found our tongues
We’re reclaiming the sanctity of our skin
But the bourgeois pigs are snacking on our arms and legs in this apocalypse we’re in
If extreme rain wipes out the patriarch
The Lord won’t part the sky and send down an arc

We can feel the cold in our bones
We can feel the cold in our bones
We can feel the cold in our bones