1. Chetwynd

From the recording Green


Everything’s dusty in Chetwynd, BC
Working from a motor inn with a crummy TV
Scrambling ‘round in the tumbled-down woods of the North
Trying to pay of degrees we don’t know what we got for

Every night we don’t work the next day
We drink to remind ourselves how freedom tastes
At the strip club; the only bar open in town,
Karaoke at the legion is over by now

The roads are lined with carvings of mermaids
This ocean is green, and it gets in my boots
I’ve never craved Coca-Cola so badly
I’ll visit my brother in Vancouver soon

Everyone’s skinny in Chetwynd, BC
Fourteen-hour days planting next decade’s trees
A cigarette and Kraft Dinner is dinner tonight
I meant to call my mother but I ran out of time

Everyone’s horny in Chetwynd, BC
Lonely and lustful for some company
But I value your friendship too much, I’m afraid
To redo the mistake we already made

The roads are lined with carvings of dragons
I don’t feel funny, I can’t keep up with you
I think of my friend who I hated so badly
I’ll stop being stubborn and call her up soon

Everyone’s clueless in Chetwynd, BC
Their jobs were too corporate, they wanted to be free
Book a flight to Nepal, maybe waitress again
But don’t think about it til the season ends

Called my sister, her son’s on the swing
Called my friend so she could show me the ring
I looked at my watch but there wasn’t one there
So I played my guitar and then I brushed my hair

The roads are lined with carvings of aliens
Ask me my birthday and look at the moon
Apparently I won’t find the answers this lifetime
Hopefully I’ll come up with a good question soon

Everything is dusty in Chetwynd