1. This Beer

From the recording Green


It was the end of the contract
Out in British Columbia
Everybody was fed up
And missing home

I was aching in the summer heat
When my crew boss from my home town came to me
“You’re from Saint John”, he said
And he handed me a Moosehead

My Dad worked at the brewery
Punching the clock since he was twenty eight
It put me through university
In more ways than one

I could drink a whole case of it
And feel alright in the morning
At your camp, on your boat, or your shed
I bet you’ve got a case of Moosehead

It’s the sound of your friends staying at least another half an hour
It’s the taste of this Port City
It’s the smell of my father
It’s a kitchen party, game of crib, bonfire on the beach
It’s a late night at the rink, or finally turning nineteen
You say it’s just a beer
‘Cause you’re probably not from here
This beer is home

When I’m on the road and far away
People ask me about my hometown
They think we’re all so kind
I say they’re mostly right

I say there’s room enough for strangers
But be on your best behavior
Cause everybody is a friend of a friend
And everyone drinks Moosehead