1. Cool Feet

From the recording Green


We like driving in the car
Ed Sheeran on the radio
Your hair like fire out the window
And I can see you five years back
The camping trips and garage beers we already had
You were handmade for me, I believe

That you know how to cool me down
Lay your feet on me
In our castle on this marsh
You are all I see
And August will be ours every Summer we spend
‘Cause in the Summertime I married my best friend

We will live here in Grand-Bay
Your mom will help mind the babies
We’ll see familiar friends doing groceries
Vacations and Thanksgivings as a dad
And finding time to remind you that
You were handmade for me, I believe

You look beautiful today
When we grow tired and sentimental
This picture will be on the mantle
And you can still sit on my lap
We can laugh on all the adventures we’ve had
And how you were handmade for me I believe