1. Avocado

From the recording Green


You’ve got your secret stretchy jeans
And made the online postings
Notifying to your anties and the public you’re expecting
People ask if it was planned and you say “bitch” under your breath
You are glowing you are growing something similar in size to an avocado
An avocado

You’ll stay up all night staring
In the cradle speculating
If the nose might look like his but its got your eyebrows maybe
Baby shoes and baby voices, picture books and tired under eyes
And feeling shocked and weirded out not long ago it was an avocado
An avocado

What if you are not smart enough to help them with their homework
And all their friends are assholes and you can sense them changing
What if they’re funnier than you are you’re intimidated
What if they’re so sad and lonely not even blanket forts can help your avocado
Your avocado

Someday they may not let you brush their hair or know who Zack is
You’re reduced to secretary and chauffeur to every practice
You’re still the one who knows them sleeping, when they’re tired, proud or nervous
And when their grown they’re still the one that they will come to when they’re uncertain
Still your avocado
Your avocado

So eat your greens and do your squats
Let others feel it squirming
This is next level learning about life and you and loving
Call your friends, we want to help you
We can raise it all together
But for now enjoy the quiet, pretty soon your little pal will be a mango
A little mango