1. Glowstars

From the recording Green


Glowstars on my ceiling
I can hear my dad snoring
My lunch is in the fridge, it’s packed for school in the morning

I’ll teach kindergarten
Duty in my Doc Martens
A charismatic administration will show me my classroom
I’ll tell them I’m a faker
Just a babysitter in a blazer

Sometimes I teach high school
Sometimes I teach science
I hand out crossword sheets and deal with adolescent defiance

But they just want attention
Some time answered questions
They’re just cropped top kids and misfits doodling dreams on their looseleafs
The queens and the slackers
They’re just babies waiting for what’s after

Meanwhile I’ll try to find the girl who would have been me
Meanwhile I’ll try to be a mother to them all
But I am no teacher and no starving artist
Just looking for balance
I’ll eat dinner on the table that I used to do my homework on

Finally it’s the weekend
I go uptown with some old friends
Some are married some are nurses some don’t have any plans yet

I look ‘round the party
At the flirts and the posers
But mostly I see pre-teens leaning up ‘gainst their lockers
Disappointed big talkers
Missing Lego, dodgeball and soccer