1. Cradle Me

From the recording Green


There was a rainbow over Hope so I pulled off for a grilled cheese
Saw the reflection of the sunset in the okanogan valley
I drove the Coquihalla listening to Scorpion
I played in a record store in Calgary and was on my way when I was done

I’ve felt the Lord in the breath of the prairies
And driving by the mountain sky
Holy snow, holy green
A woman on Denman, she took my hands for dancing
I’ve observed this country catch my float and cradle me

I read my horoscope in the Coffee News at the oldest cafe in the coulees
Got me all defensive, said all pisces swim lonely
The woman behind the counter was a swan just like my sister
Hers is the self-consoling voice in my head
She don’t know that I miss her

A woman sits reading, she acts like she is expired
From hitch-hike days, bellbottomed boys
Water and desire
She’d like me married but sees her face when she looks at me
My mother is my country
Let me go but cradle me

I met a man on an island, he played the fiddle he played the game
We walked among the oysters, he was lonely just the same
If it weren’t for rehearsal maybe he’d catch my show tonight
But in the morning I’ll be on a ferry, in the evening I’ll catch my flight

I am Amelia, I can warm my own hands
And I’ll deny most nights I long
To crash into a man
Let me crash fiercely, oh make me needy oh make me weak
I’m at home when I’m alone
But take my weight and cradle me