1. Alberta

From the recording BalconyEP

Drums by Geoff Smith
Bass by Chuck Teed
Violin by Nienke Izurieta
Guitar by Kylie Fox


The roads are long and the roads are straight
No gas stations or corner stores
Just trees on trees on trees on trees on billboards
Though the sky is wide
and the sun is hot
oh how I miss the winding hills of British Columbia.
Though the work it was hard and the mountains they were cold still I had arms to hold around me.
I'm worried about Alberta.

A friend she followed to this flat land
He worked the rigs she'd make him casseroles
and she'd say please oh please oh please oh please come home
But he'd show up late
and his eyes were glazed
Oh how she missed the windy freedom of the maritimes.
Though I've come here with my pack
to work hard for a dime
the nearest lake is my ocean
and I'm worried about Alberta.

You've got a really pretty face
come on over and we'll talk a while
Oh tease oh tease oh tease oh tease this tall child
Though your gaze was vague
and you grew tired
I'd still collapse into your hopeful possibility
Your broad shoulders and your back
weathered by the rain can't shelter children from this province
I could tell you were worried about Alberta.

I've been driving for an hour
next to a blonde and beautied passenger
and she cries please of please oh please oh please father
I paid you back
I've got no cash
But I'm making stories that how dare you try to save me from.
I pull over finally
to a bar in Canyon Creek
where Judy tells us that we're butterflies.
I forgive you Alberta
I'll fly away soon Alberta.