1. Stephen

From the recording BalconyEP

Drums by Geoffrey Smith
Bass by Chuck Teed
Guitar by Kylie Fox


Stephen uploads movies he can watch when he gets high
Stephen's got and arts degree
buys coffee with EI
Stephen screams in microphones some words he had to write
With his brooding bandmates to a small punk fanbase in basement pubs some nights

And he knows cocaine and good for him
but he'll roll a five and spend a ten
and he'll never be a rockstar
and twenty-six is weird and he don't know where he'll be five years from here

Stephen wants a lover like the one he just let go
He wakes up next to others but they're ladies he don't know
The album's out, commitment's down the band might hit the road
and pussy's cheap, but gas is high
and rockers how they roll

The drummer he's a crazy cat
He's got monster hair beneath his hat
and he'll never be a rockstar
cause he's still living here and he don't know where he'll be five years from here

Come on Steve get in computer science
Grow up boys with this millenial defiance
get a nine to five just to stay alive
meet on Wednesday nights for open mics
and wonder if you could have been a rockstar

But you know cocaine's not good for you
And your wife brings out the best in you
Who wants to be a rockstar?
But forty-six is weird and you don't know where you'll be five years from here