1. Skydiver

From the recording BalconyEP

Drums by Geoffrey Smith
Bass by Chuck Teed
Violin by Nienke Izurieta
Guitar by Kylie Fox


Skydiver, skydiver, I'm skipping town
I will be long gone by the time you get down
I hope your parachute always works for you

Gambling man, gambling man, how are your bets?
You say it's been going good but I ain't seen nothin yet
Anyway, just keep betting high
Grass is cheap and the days aren't so lame

Wandering boy, wandering boy, where you wander too?
Your life's in a bag and your back's turning blue
You think age's grace will catch you standing still

Break dancer, break dancer, blood in the sink
Static in your ears makes it harder to think
In that case, just keep jumping high,
Sugar's cheap and the nights aren't so lame

Swallow jelly beans from the bathroom stall
Grow your garden from a hole in the wall
They travel cheap
But the view from the plane it ain't so lame

Sweet talker, sweet talker, take me to a show
Better smoke that stick behind your ear first though
Otherwise you'd have nothing to say

Paint me a farmhouse, prove me a view
Afford me an acre and a photograph too
We can't be bored on a mountain this high
You are cheap and you're getting kind of lame