Kylie Fox, born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, has become an integral artist in the folk, Canadiana sector as a singer songwriter whose wit, stories and songs are as poignant and important as they are tongue and cheek. 

With a background in theatre and classical music, Kylie has crafted and honed an eclectic sound unique to her. Her poetry is sincere in the naked specificity of the truths she's observed around her, often on subject matter of tree planting, travelling and millenialhood. Her live show has charmed audiences across Canada with her energy, humour and warmth. 

Kylie has recently concluded her Grumpy's Lexus Tour where she started the DIY Road Diaries, a blog following the hilarity and joy of touring as an independent artist. She begins her Wild Vest Tour in February, 2019. Occasionally she plays with her band The Hound.